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USB Data blocker (USB condom)

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G'day everyone. So a great little device you should look at purchasing is a USB data blocker. Think of it as a condom for your devices to protect them from viruses. Perfect device for out and about such as in a shopping centre or at an airport. Let's say your phone is going flat and you have your charging cable and decide to plug it into a USB port on the wall to charge your phone. Hackers can use these wall ports to download stuff off your phone or upload a virus or malware. A USB data blocker plugs between your charging cable and the wall port and is designed to allow the power to your phone to go through but the data cables aren't connected protecting you.


These USB data blockers can be purchased off eBay and can range from $3 up to $50+ so I'd shop around for one to fit your budget. I just ordered one for my EDC kit even though I always carry two power packs for charging my devices. But one should always be prepared just incase. So if for some reason my packs go flat and I have no other choice. I can safely charge my devices with the data blocker.

Topic starter Posted : 29/05/2022 1:21 am