Lock sport for mental health? With this world wide pandemic we have been faced with over the last 12+ months. We have had to deal with social isolation, business closures, loss of loved ones and lots of other challenging circumstances. Not being able to go out and do sports like we use to or gather in groups. It has taken its toll on many people’s mental heath. But we can use this time to find a new and exciting hobby. And what better hobby is there then lock sport to take up in this challenging time.

Lock sport is a fantastic hobby to invest in. Think of it as an ever challenging puzzle that you can do on your own or with other people who also enjoy this hobby. No two locks are the same and there are so many different styles and new things to explore. You can invest as much or as little money as you like into this new hobby. It is a great way to keep your brain active and engaged. Helps you improve your fine motor skills. With the added bonus of being out right addictive.

We have all had mental health problems at some point in our lives and I know a lot of community members who have been saved in many ways by lock sport. This sport as even helped me at times and I use it to relax and zone out from everything going on around me. Getting yourself lost in the lock exploring everything about it. Taking your focus and completely fixating on the lock allows you to free yourself. When I’m picking or working on locks, methods, designing or reading information about locks and security devices. Nothing else matters at that moment in time except for what I’m focused on.

Not to mention that not only does this hobby help you but the friends you make with the great members of the community can also be beneficial. Talking to other like minded people that may be going through the same or similar troubles as you. It’s true there are a few bad eggs like any community that try to make your mental health issues worse i’m not going to lie but the other 99.99% of the community are always there to help. I know this as I’ve been there.

This sport and community is unlike any other and are always supportive of members. This has to be one of the sports that has way more positives about it them any other. You can be as serious and full on as you like or just pick once in a blue moon. I’ve met members of this sport that has used lock sport to help with recovery from strokes. I’ve even used it to improve hand therapy. Not only does this sport help mental health but it has loads of other benefits that are always over looked by most people. This sport is so much more then picking a lock. I may be biased as I love this sport and I’m in the process of turning my hobby into a business but this makes me happier then working in my everyday job. But I and others agree this is a great sport for mental health.

Remember your not in this alone there’s always someone who is there to listen. If you’re struggling tell someone. Reach out for help by contacting one of the support lines or even send me a message and we can chat. Till next time remember Keep It Bloody Legal and have some fun picking your way to better health.

Cheers DALP. James G

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