So EDC ( Every Day Carry ) it’s something we all have in some way or another. Your EDC could be your phone, wallet and keys. Or it could be lock picks, keys, hacking equipment or even tools. The great thing about EDC is it’s adaptability to you and your needs. I always like to make sure my EDC isn’t to big and that I only carry equipment that I will definitely use every day or that I know I’ll probably end up using at least two times a week. I mean there’s no sense in carrying a rubber chicken around with you as it’s not useful at all. The point of EDC is that you carry it every day so only having useful items means you will carry it. I personally have 3 layers of EDC as I like to call it.

My first being the typical 3 items. Phone, wallet and keys. Now in saying that I also have a few little extra items attached to those 3 such as some master Keys that are extremely helpful. I also carry a covert companion and Jack knife on my keys and a plastic shim that’s cut and folded sitting in my wallet along with a chaos card and a multi tool card. These items are always in my pockets no matter what. Don’t overlook your phone either as you can install extremely useful apps.

My second layers of EDC is my leather leatherman belt organiser that I bought off eBay. This organiser is a fantastic investment and I highly recommend it. Again with this I have only chosen tools and stuff that suits my needs. In the organiser I carry a multi tool, tactical pen, two multi tool key rings one being the 20 in 1 pocket tool. I also have a 90.000 lumen pen torch with 3 light settings, high beam, low beam and strobe. This layer of my EDC is something that I may use a few times a day or even once in a few days. But I’m always thankful I have it on me when I need it. When it comes to this layer of my EDC I like to make sure each item has multiple uses. Like the tactical pen can be used for self defence as well as writing shit down. With these two layers of EDC I’m set to tackle almost anything I encounter on a daily basis. It’s all focused on my immediate body and what I can carry without being heavy and unable to be carried comfortably. It’s important to focus on is what you can carry on your person for the first two layers of EDC. Lugging around a big backpack filled with thousands of items isn’t practical.

Now my third and final layer of EDC is my small bag that’s a little bigger then a bum bag or fanny pack what ever you want to call it. This small bag is practical in the fact it doesn’t take up a lot of space and is light weight and able to hold a few item’s that’s helpful to have but can’t be carried in my pockets. It holds items that are helpful but bulkier like my tablet, power bank to charge my phone or tablet when out, deauther, bf-uv10r radio I use for scanning and other electronic equipment and tools. Now I do take this bag with me everywhere I go but I can leave it in the car or at home and not be affected to badly. A small compact bag to hold bigger item’s for EDC is a great addition. I recommend it as mine has come in handy more times then I can count. The deauther is helpful as it can be used not just for attacks but can be used as a form of communication in emergencies. I also carry my tablet as I use it for work and again contains apps that I use often.

EDC should be about what can I carry that will make my life or day easier. What items do I use and will come in handy for an emergency. What is my job or personal life like. All this affects and shapes your EDC. If you’re a cyber security consultant then your EDC will consist of electronic equipment that helps you do your job. If your a nurse then pens, scissors, medical tape are items you’ll have in your EDC. EDC is fantastic and I highly recommend people getting into it. Work out what you need and have a go at making your own. This habit isn’t just for prepers or tactical people it’s for anyone as I’m sure we have always been in the situation or said I wish I had this on me right now. A great EDC will hopefully stop that from happening again.

Now I’ve done a video up on our YouTube channel about this blog. I recommend watching it. As I show a few item’s that I carry with me. Not all EDC is about lock picking or locks I mean yes I do carry equipment that is lock picking/ bypassing related. But a lot of my EDC is not related to it. Having multiple forms of communication is extremely helpful if your phone dies or you have no signal where you are in an emergency. A hand held radio like the uv10R ham radio I carry will be very helpful in a emergency. Even think about a little cash in your EDC as a back up when card isn’t available. As we all use cards these days. Simple Little things like this are extremely helpful in EDC. As I said think what will I use every day as well as in a emergency. What items can serve more then one purposes to save on space and weight. What small changes or additions can I add to my first layer of EDC like the master Keys I sell on here or a pick set. At the end of the day think about you and your needs. Take your time working and testing your EDC making changes as you work out what you do and don’t use or need. Think multiple uses and learn as you go. Have fun with it and as always Keep It Bloody Legal.

Cheers DALP.

James G.