Joker Doughnut


Glow in the dark hand made Joker Doughnut

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The Joker Doughnut is here.

This is a glow in the dark doughnut that looks great and is extremely helpful. Any situation that you could use a Chem light (glow stick) in this is a great replacement that can be used Multiple times. No more use once then toss it out. This doughnut can be recharged over and over again. Charge it off a torch or off the sun for a glow that lasts a while.

Give it a quick hit with a torch and use it to see around without giving away your location like a torch would. UV lights work better at recharging the Joker Doughnut. But any good light source will work.

Like all glow in the dark stuff the light is initially really bright and dulls down as time goes on. Perfect for EDC, tactical people, preppers or anyone who wants a sick looking glow in the dark doughnut. Each one is hand made with safe none toxic substances. And is about 6cm wide. Each doughnut may vary in purple glazing style and may look different in person due to different devices screen’s.

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