The Dark Arts Norse Necklace


Dark Arts Norse Necklace

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This Rune necklace is more then meets the eye. Each one is hand made with braided Kevlar string for long lasting toughness. Has a magnetic closure on the back as to easily remove it in emergencies. Glow in the dark rune pendent with reflective surface on the back. So you get the best of both with glowing power to light up to see covertly or catch people’s attention.  And the reflective side to catch people’s attention or to mark your location.

Each necklace has 4 beads made from 304 stainless steel and two hand made brass beads. These add enough weight and allow easier use for getting the string through zip ties. (As shown in my video on them) The brass beads can also be use to brake standard house windows with a good swing from the necklace. I haven’t tested it on car windows unfortunately.

The Kevlar string is looped to allow you to put you feet through each end to be used for escaping zip tie handcuffs. Again to see how this is done check out my video on YouTube. The Kevlar string is approximately 78cm long give or take due to manual measurements. For a bloody awesome looking necklace that has multiple uses and looks completely covert get your hands on one now.

(Rune pendent selected at random on sale of necklace. Rune necklace only for sale items used in photos are for display purposes) only