Welcome to Dark Arts brand new website. This has been an interesting challenge but will hopefully be a fantastic place for everyone to see and learn new things.
I have lots of plans for our website that will take time to get going so please stay tuned. We are adding a feature that allows people to ask to be teachers (mentors). This teachers idea is to help beginners have a close member of the lock sport community to help mentor and teach them. I’m hoping this will be a fantastic way to help beginners improve and encourage them. I would have loved to have someone that I could turn to when I first started out that could take me under their wing and help.
I’m not going to lie it’s been full-on getting this website up for everyone to enjoy. I have been burning the candle at both ends working my everyday job as well as getting everything ready for the website, YouTube, family time and other projects that require my attention. All my spare time is literally gone as I have been working from the moment I get up in the morning and right through till I’m in bed. Most nights I’m still doing work while laying in bed until the early hours.
But to bring my dreams to a reality it requires hard work and dedication. Just like learning to pick a higher security lock it takes hard work and time dedicated to learning the skills required to open it. I have worked hard to get Dark Arts to where it is now. Four years of YouTube videos and countless hours of videoing, editing and physical work has all been building up to this.
My ultimate goal is to turn Dark Arts into a locksmith service and at a much later stage hopefully a business similar to red team alliance where they train and do seminars on security. But this is just a dream and all depends on how everything goes in the mean time. But I will be working hard to get the course’s we are going to run on here all set up. Get all the videos for these going and the word documents to go along with them. With equipment lists for the course so if people want they can make sure they have some of the equipment to play along.
The store will get more products as we progress along as I’m wanting to produce most of the products myself in the beginning. The blog like the one you’re reading here I’m going to try and get a few people from the community to write blogs we can post on here from them. As I don’t really see stuff like this anywhere else. I want to turn this website into a hub as I mentioned before. Where lots of people can learn and join in.
Well this is just a quick little post to let you know a little bit of what’s going on and what I’m planning on in the future. If you have any suggestions or ideas that you would like to see implemented into this site please send us an email . Thank you for coming to check out our new site dalp.com.au
Keep it bloody legal and thank you all.
James G.

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