What’s your journey into the amazing world of lock sport?
As many of you are aware from following my YouTube channel. Mine all started long before Dark Arts was invented. My first ever experience or opening a lock without a key was when I was a kid. My brother had come down and locked his keys in the car. After watching my farther and brother trying to open the car with coat hangers and packaging strap. I proceeded to open the back door as it hadn’t been locked. Yeah they didn’t check to see if another door was unlocked. I then helped my farther when our neighbour locked herself out as I was small enough to fit through the window that we removed some glass panels from. Plus who hasn’t “Picked” those small rubbish locks your sister had on her diary with a bobby pin.
Lock sport for me is relatively new as I didn’t know that there was a sport related to lock picking. Until I stumbled across a YouTube video of a guy picking a lock for fun! Turns out this person that made me think wow I want to do this was none other then Bosnian Bill. I then went on to eBay and bought a cheap set of picks. While waiting for them to arrive I was binge watching YouTube videos about lock picking. I learnt about other channels such as lock picking lawyer and Locknoob. I even tried to make my own picks out of hacksaw blades while waiting for my picks to arrive. Mind you the ones I made didn’t work as they didn’t even look anything like Lock picks when I think back about it.
These three YouTube channels would go on to inspire me to start my own channel. Creating Dark Arts Lock Picking was one of the best decisions as it opened up a whole new world to me. It opened up a fantastic community of like minded people from all around the world. Allowing all of us to share stuff we learnt and could show how we did it. All this drove my thirst to learn everything I could about picking and locks. That has now grown into more then just picking locks. In its own natural progression and evolution I’ve gone from basic locks to exploring RFID and electronic security.
One thing I have noticed as I’ve progressed is the more you look at locks and security devices the more you realise that security is a illusion of sorts. We always look at putting high security locks that have all these fantastic security features on our doors to keep people out. But have a big glass window that could just be smashed to get in. I’ve even noticed myself looking at locks I see all around me out in public and security devices. Seeing if I could spot a weaknesses just by looking at them. To be honest with you it kind of becomes an obsession. I see lots of patterns out in public when it comes to locks and security devices. But that’s one of the addictive parts of Lock sport it is always challenging, changing, adapting and no two locks are the same.
You can see why this sport is such a fantastic hobby to get into. And all the paths it can lead you down. I had no idea that stumbling across a video would then bring me to where I am today. This journey is only just beginning and who knows where it will lead. But I know I will continue this journey with you all as I will continue to produce videos, blog posts and keep up on all our social media accounts. I am now turning my hobby into a business but when you love what you do you never work a day in your life. And the thing is I love lock sport. And I look forward to seeing what the future will bring.
Cheers DALP.
James G.

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