Dark Access Set


Mix of 5 keys that DALP carries and uses the most plus two only available in this set!! So, a powerful set of 7 keys used here in Australia!!!

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The dark access set is a collection of master keys and common keys we use here in Australia. There are lots of Key sets out there for Pen-testers and emergency personal but lots of them consist of keys that are used commonly in the US but not here in Australia. So, I decided to put together a set of keys that I personally use a lot out in the wild plus two other keys that I’m only making available within this set. The keys contained in this set are used for multiple locks that are all keyed alike or master keyed. For example, the CL001 key in this set, I have used this key to open a T handle on a locker and it even opened a hand sanitizer dispenser box I came across out in a park public toilet block.

You’ll be surprised at how many things these keys work on!!! Server cabinets, key storage boxes, Filing cabinets, Fire control panels and even electric scooters.

The Dark Access Set consists of- CH751, C415A, CL001, LF8, 003, A126 and a Fire Service Elevator Key. The A126 and Fire Service Keys are only available on this set as we aren’t selling them individually like our other master keys. A must have set for Australian Pen-testers, Maintenace workers or Emergency service personnel.