Dark Arts Lock Picking

Australia’s biggest Lock Sports YouTube channel. See how we can help you improve and learn about lock picking, lock manipulation, by-passing and more.

Why DALP is the best fit for you.

Here at DALP we pride ourselves in making sure that you have the most up to date training, skills and products to get you through your journey in lock picking and covert entry. We have a large network of skilled and knowledgeable community members to help you when you need it.

Anyone can get into lock sport. The Lock sport community is made up of people from all walks of life from locksmiths to home makers. All you need is a set of Lock picks and some training locks and your set.

If you’re interested in getting into Lock sport but not sure exactly if you’ll stick with it. I wouldn’t recommend going and buying a expensive set just in case you lose interest in the hobby. When I first started out I bought a cheap set off eBay. And this was great as I didn’t spend a lot if I didn’t enjoy it. And with the amount of abuse you out on them as a beginner you’ll more then likely break them.

After you have Decided this is the sport for you. Then you can look at getting a good quality set from any of the well known lock pick sellers.

Again like the legalities of Lock Picking becoming a locksmith will differ from place to place. The best way is to get an apprenticeship as a locksmith then you can learn everything as you go through your apprenticeship. Some places all you have to do is pass a test or do a course and get a security license. But as I said before it is different in every country, state or location. Best to do your research.

Just watch our videos or try our course to learn as much as you can. But never give up keep trying and learning about all the aspects of this sport from myself and other great information platforms out there.

The laws in relation to Lock picks and lock picking equipment varies depending on where you live. You should always check with your local laws. And always remember to follow the Lock sport codes.

  1. Don’t pick a lock that’s in use (the one on your front door)
  2. Don’t pick a lock you don’t own or have permission to pick.
  3. And my personal one Keep It Bloody Legal.

Just send us a message and we can give you our postal information.

Dark Arts Lock Picking

Back in 2017 Dark Arts Lock Picking now Australia’s largest lock sport YouTube channel and business was created. This all started a few years before 2017 when I stumbled across a video of a guy picking a lock on camera for fun. I then bought my first pick set and still remember picking my first lock. It was a Federal Super A520C 6 pin padlock. I Decided from that moment the shackle popped open I wanted to learn everything and anything to do with security. Due to this series of events Dark Arts Lock Picking was born.

Dark Arts is an ever growing lock and security explorer and tester. Finding weaknesses in all different forms of security. In the beginning we started as a basic lock sport channel focusing on picking locks and basic bypassing methods. Now we do everything from product reviews, picking and bypassing, covert carry and entry, electronic equipment, key cutting, RFID copying, 3D printing and product development, Hacking, social engineering, teaching and training, public displays and work and loads of other stuff all relating to the security around us. We love to teach people everything we know and will be running online courses on some of the methods and techniques we show on our YouTube channel.

Over the years we have gone from just being on YouTube to multiple social media platforms and now our website. We have our store, blogs and more on the way. We hope that DALP will continue to grow and develop as time goes on allowing us to not only share but to always bring you new and exciting products and information. So if you are interested in anything lock or security related please check out our social media platforms as well as our website here and when we are out in public offering our services. And as always remember to Keep It Bloody Legal Cheers DALP.

Great Aussie seller for lock and security related products, accessories and keys. In mid 2021, I purchased a set of master keys used in Australia. I mis chose individual keys as there was no reason to purchase keys only used in other States which was a great option. The order was fulfilled quickly and was well priced compared to other Australian sellers. Since then, more products and master keys have been added and I will be buying more keys and bypass tools in the future. Highly recommended for good old fashioned friendly service and honest advice as well as all the top security related products. 🙂
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