The Tinker Bracelet


Glass Breaking Emergency Bracelet.

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The tinker bracelet named after the sound it makes right before the glass shatters. This bracelet is used when SHTF and you are trapped in a car or behind glass and need to get out in an emergency situation. The bracelet is made from elastic cord with 3 beads. A decorative skull bead, A glow in the dark bead and the business bead that is used to smash the glass. Adjustable to fit most wrist sizes up to 30cm in diameter.

The small metal bead is made from extremely hardened steel. The same that is used in armor piercing ammo.  To deploy the glass breaker, you remove the bracelet from your wrist. Holding the band between your thumb and index finger like a sling shot you pull back on the metal bead as far as you can. While holding the band up against the glass. Then release the bead into the glass.

You can see how to hold and release the Tinker Bracelet on our YouTube channel. Always have an emergency tool on you with this amazing bracelet as the best tool is the one you always carry.

A perfect product or gift for Emergency Services Personal, Your Partner, Preppers and more!

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