So for the last four and a bit years I’ve been running our YouTube channel. We have had our ups and downs throughout the years. But this has been worth every second of it and I wouldn’t change it if I went back in time. Running a YouTube channel is as easy or as full on as you make it. But like all things you only get out what you put in to it. To run a successful channel and get your videos out there it isn’t exactly cheap if you want to create high quality content that people are going to want a watch. Cameras, lights, audio and content all cost if you want high quality videos and not shaky, dimly lit pixelated videos that people can’t watch and enjoy. To begin with I didn’t have great equipment and over the years I’ve slowly upgraded. Better lights and better quality video editing software. Then a better camera and more products for video content that viewers want to see. All this cost money unfortunately and not everyone can afford it but I’ve done a video in the past on an easy cheap set up. Even the content you create comes at a cost as it takes time to work out what it is you want to do for that video. Then recording the video and finally editing the video all takes time to do. It’s taken lots of hard work and dedication to get my channel to where it is today. I have worked for hours and hours creating content and all the work bringing ideas into reality. Being consistent with your content and finding out what your viewers want to watch and what makes you happy creating is all a big learning curve. I know this as I still remember my first few videos where shit and I mean shit. But I watched what others did and slowly as I gained confidence in what I was doing understood what people like to see. But as I say this I want to make sure you also understand it’s all well and good creating content people want to watch but if you don’t enjoy making it then it’s not worth it. Stay true to what you like. I admit that I don’t do my videos like everyone else does and they way I do things some people don’t like but that’s because I not only create what people want I also do what makes me happy. Thinking right back to the early days on my channel and my first few videos I never expected anyone to subscribe or watch them. As there’s so many great channels and videos out there. I thought why would anyone want to watch mine. But still to this day i remember the feeling I got when my first subscriber popped up in my notifications. As you got told then if someone subscribed to your channel. I even remember how excited I was when I reached ten subscribers and I jumped up and down going bloody hell ten people want to watch my videos. And honestly that feeling doesn’t Change when you hit 1000 or even more. That rush when you hit your first 10 subs to me was more exciting and amazing then when I hit 1000. And even though currently I run Australia’s largest lock sport YouTube channel I still feel like that channel that just hit 10 subs. I still remember my first ever giveaway and that Leon’s lock pad won it and i still thank him to this day for being one of the first to subscribe and support my channel. He has now become like family to me as a few other people who I’ve met though my channel. Never get discouraged from making videos either. Whether that be from trolls or channels that are younger than yours that over take you in subscribers. This isn’t because your content isn’t good enough but one thing I’ve learnt and seen in the past four plus years. Giveaways bring subs in as lots of people love entering giveaways as who doesn’t like free stuff as they say. And this may piss off a few people but it’s true. I know as when I’ve done giveaways my subscribers pick up a few then after they can drop a little bit then pick up and drop. Using loads of social medias to help you grow is another way to boost subs I’ve learnt. There’s load of different platforms out there and some channels use them to there advantage to help their channels grow. I myself use a few but I personally don’t use them to make my channel grow as I like sharing my knowledge and experience with lots of people around the world and using all the different outlets helps me do that. So as long as your producing content that you enjoy making your doing it the right way. I hope this has helped and been insightful to you. I’ll keep producing content that I enjoy making and remember to keep safe. Always Keep it Bloody Legal. Keep picking and until next time cheers guys.

James G.